In the 21st century, countries such as Nepal still lack basic requirements in education, employment and technology to empower their people and ensure equal participation.

SHRUTI (National Association of the Hard of Hearing and Deafened, Nepal) is a pioneering organization focused on addressing the issues of HoH and Deafened people all over the country, raising their morale, enabling them to be productive citizens and their voices to be heard.

SHRUTI’s vision is of an inclusive society without communication barriers, where HoH and Deafened people live dignified lives. SHRUTI is working for the equal participation of hearing-impaired people in educational, social, cultural and economic activities, and advocating for their rights.

Together with SHRUTI and with the generous support of BFSS, we are working on a project to provide IT training and work experience for hard-of-hearing young adults in the Kathmandu area.