IT training and jobs for hard-of-hearing young adults


2020-2023, with the support of the British and Foreign School Society

Our partner SHRUTI – National Association of the Hard-of-Hearing and Deafened, Nepal – has found that a lack of communication support for hard-of-hearing (HoH) children at school often leads to poor learning outcomes that hinder their subsequent chances. HoH people face stigma and the perception of learning difficulties, and it is hard for HoH young people to access further education opportunities and the job market.

This project will train 60 young adults in IT skills, in five cohorts over 3 years, in a supportive environment adapted to their needs and informed by skills needed for the jobs market. We will recruit secondary school leavers within the 19-22 age range for a 6-month course, followed by a 3-month work placement. We hope that placement providers may be able to offer paid employment, and that the placements will be a stepping-stone to jobs, further education or training.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, SHRUTI has done a great job adapting the course first to the requirements of social distancing, and then to online teaching with captioning. In Autumn 2021 they have gone back to learning in person, and it should finally be possible to launch the work experience placements too. Many thanks to BFSS for their understanding and flexibility.