Working with disabled people and their organizations in low-income countries

India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Burundi, Mozambique

Listening to partners’ needs and strengthening their capacity is central to our work. Our partners are passionate and courageous in taking up the challenges in disability and development, tackling the major issues that matter to disabled children, men and women – poverty, exclusion from civil society, health, education and livelihoods – their very human rights.

We also work with groups whose disabilities may be overlooked and invisible, people who are deaf, hard of hearing and mentally ill. We include in our remit those who are most marginalized in society, people who live below the poverty line, and tribal and displaced people.

We are confident that every partner and project we support changes the lives of children and adults with disabilities and their families, and equalizes opportunities for the most vulnerable in society.

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  • Strengthening partner organizations
  • Disabled people’s rights
  • Disabled children and girls’ education
  • Disabled people’s livelihoods
  • Deaf children’s right to education

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