Nor Bahadur

Nor Bahadur is 44 years old. He is a charming, gregarious person, of restricted growth, happily married to Tanka with whom he has a young son.

Life was hard when Bahadur was growing up: as one of four brothers in a rural family, he was expected to pull more weight than was physically possible, and he felt that he was not respected or loved as a result. He has been working as postman for 16 years and is a popular figure around the community, but there is only enough work for one day a week as traditional mail has declined.

Through the WDIL project, Bahadur has become Secretary of the Manakamana Apanga Samuha self-help group. Each of its 16 members is saving 100 Nepalese rupees per month.

His chosen livelihood activity with WDIL seed money is to keep bees. He bought 3 hives in August 2019, and in the Spring Bahadur expects to harvest 30kg of honey, which could fetch 800 rupees per kg at local markets. He is confident there will be no lack of customers.

When the beehives are in full production and if his plans for more hives come to fruition, Bahadur’s part-time postman’s salary will be handsomely supplemented to provide for his family.