Ambika and Ram Prasad

Ambika’s husband Ram Prasad became unwell over a decade ago, and has been unable to work ever since. Ambika cannot bring herself to recall those terrible days. She had sole responsibility for their five children, and no-one to help; all she remembers is the feeling of loneliness and discrimination.

When she heard of DHRC’s WDIL project Ambika encouraged Ram Prasad to become a member of a self-help group (SHG), for which he qualified given his condition and disability. He took her advice and registered with a group in Siddhalekh Municipality, and they take it in turns to attend meetings, or go together.

Their group has 31 members, of whom most opted for keeping goats, but Ambika decided to start a pop-up stall selling popular Nepalese snacks such as chatpate and panipuri to passers-by, on a road half an hour’s walk from their home.

The couple are on their own now as their children have grown up. Ambika is working hard, but happier than ever before thanks to the SHG and having a business to run. She senses that people in her community look at her differently and respect her. She is no longer living hand to mouth, but making plans to expand the stall or even purchase a rickshaw to be more mobile and reach more customers.