Rescue and Reintegration of Women with Mental Illness



In our first project partnership, enabled by support from Jersey Overseas Aid, DDP provided financial and capacity-building support for KOSHISH to set up Nepal’s first mental health drop-in day centre. Since then, the organization has developed into a leading and respected national voice for people with mental health issues, and the drop-in centre became the Women’s Transit Care Centre (WTCC), for women who have been left destitute, abandoned or forced out of their homes and families through mental ill-health.

The aim is to provide a holistic programme of rehabilitation for women to regain their physical and mental health and, by working with their families and communities, to raise awareness of mental health and fight stigma. Over 600 women have been rescued, rehabilitated and supported to lead safer and healthier lives. Women stay for an average of 3-6 months, and rehabilitation can be a long and painstaking process. Read some individual examples here (pdf).

KOSHISH’s social workers make careful assessments for the safety of women returning to their families. Alternatively, the women are found other safe havens, and training and livelihoods opportunities. From 2023, WTTC will be accommodated at a permanent Therapeutic Centre, but in the meantime it operates in rented premises and KOSHISH continues to take in women in need, having made special provisions for COVID-19 quarantine.

DDP is helping KOSHISH cover expenditure incurred in running this vital service this year, with the help of generous donors in the UK. To find out more, including how to make a donation, please visit the project on the Maanch funding platform.