Inclusive Education for Displaced Children

Berhan Lehetsanat, Ethiopia

2023-2025, with the support of the British and Foreign School Society

IDP camp in South Wollo Zone of Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia
source: UNHCR

In 2021, a record 5.1m people were displaced in Ethiopia. Many settled in South Wollo Zone following violence in Tigray, Oromia and Amhara. Children in IDP (internally displaced people’s) centres have limited access to education, especially the under-7s and those with special needs and disabilities. Many do not speak Amharic as their first language.

For children who have been uprooted, experienced trauma and bereavement and fled their homes, adequate nutrition and psychosocial support are preconditions for meaningful education. This project aims to provide support and training, and work with local schools, local government and community leaders to make education accessible and adapted to children facing geographical, linguistic and physical barriers to attendance, including local children living with disability.

Our partner Berhan Lehetsanat will work in coordination with local authorities and other agencies, NGOs and IDP committees, on essential issues like school feeding, transport and provision of educational materials, developing a better understanding among duty-bearers of the educational and psychosocial needs of IDPs, and for inclusive education for all, so support and integrated education for displaced children become mainstream considerations.

School capacity-building, accessibility adaptations and training activities – and the focus on children’s psychosocial wellbeing and SEND – should have longer-term benefits for accessibility, inclusion, attendance, retention and children’s learning. We also aim to build bridges between the displaced and local populations, based on cooperation, solidarity, and common needs and interests – such as good-quality inclusive education.

We are very grateful to the British and Foreign School Society for supporting this initiative from their Displacement Education Fund.

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