News from Ethiopia

“My name is Abera Abate. I am 45 years of age and live in Malga Woreda, where I serve my community as both a religious and a community leader. The majority of the population here are Protestant Christians. Previously, I had no knowledge about harmful traditional practices (HTP), so I didn’t see any harm in practising FGM on the village children – including my own – and I just accepted it as a normal part of our culture.

However, following training from the organization Berhan Lehetsanat, I have become much more aware, and have started to work for change towards FGM and other HTP. I have been educating many Christians in the woreda about HTP, in 30-minute sessions after each of our regular Engel preaching services. And, although harmful practices have not yet been totally eliminated, I am glad to say that we are witnessing a huge reduction across the woreda.”