Neeta is President of SHRUTI, the National Association of Hard-of-Hearing and Deafened people in Nepal. She is a DPO leader, campaigner and researcher working for the inclusion of people with hearing loss.

SHRUTI shines a light on the problems faced by children and all those who are hard of hearing or deafened (HoH/d). Until the healthcare system can spot children who have lacked medical attention or early identification, there will be HoH/d children in every school – or already excluded from education. SHRUTI believes this national need must be tackled through the combined efforts of educationalists, medical experts, teachers, parents and DPOs.

SHRUTI and DDP are currently working on a project to provide IT training and work experience for hard-of-hearing young adults.

“My dream is always about education. I have long been concerned that a lack of knowledge among teachers and stakeholders has meant that HoH needs have never been adequately addressed. Education links every aspect of life. So, whenever I develop a concept or proposal I always focus on education in every aspect: improvements in education can change the life of every person with hearing loss in Nepal.”