Nepal Earthquake Donations

Thank you for supporting DDP’s Nepal Earthquake Appeal

DDP Friends and supporters responded generously to our appeal after the major earthquakes in Nepal which brought so much death and destruction.
We received a total of £6685 which was sent to our lead partner the Nepal Disabled Human Rights Centre (DHRC-Nepal) in Kathmandu. Of that, small amounts (£500 each) went directly to two other DDP partners – KOSHISH who are a mental health self help group and SHRUTI who work with deafened and hard of hearing people.
This is what your support has enabled us to do:
  • KOSHISH is providing psychiatric counselling, medicines and general support to 5 women who had returned to their families after recovering from mental illness, but are newly traumatised by the earthquakes when their homes were destroyed.
  • SHRUTI is distributing blankets and warm clothes to hard of hearing people in preparation for the coming cold weather, alongside new batteries for hearing aids which have been provided by another donor.
  • The bulk of funds are being used by DHRC-Nepal to provide beds, bedding and kitchen necessities to 20 disabled people and their families (approximately 100 people in all) who lost everything – 10 families in Kathmandu and 10 in Sindupalchowk district, at the epicentre of the earthquakes.
As winter draws on, there’s a continuing need for warm clothes and bedding for those in temporary housing, and also for support for traumatized and vulnerable people. Our appeal is still open – here’s how you can help:
You can send cheques to DDP (marked Nepal Earthquake), 404 Camden Road, London N7 OSJ.
Or donate online
All funds raised will be channelled via DHRC-Nepal who know well the particular difficulties faced by disabled people and how best to help.
Our three partners in Nepal send their thanks for your timely support and so do all of us at DDP.  

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