Disabled youth rights and entitlements, job training and entrepreneurship in Mozambique

Associação dos Jovens Deficientes de Moçambique (AJODEMO) – the Mozambican Association of Disabled Young People, Mozambique - and DDP started in December 2015 a three-year programme in the central region of Mozambique (Sofala, Zambesia, Manica, and Tete provinces) to promote and uphold young disabled people’s rights; to create livelihood opportunities for as many young disabled people as possible through training and enterprise set-up; and to develop AJODEMO’s organisational capacity. With funding from the Medicor Foundation, we will work together in the capital city and two outlying districts of each province to bring about material improvements to the lives of approximately 1,000 people.

We’ve already begun work in Maputo city and province, and in Gaza province on a Commonwealth Foundation-funded initiative to enable AJODEMO members – all young disabled people – to work in harmony with local government officers so that everyone concerned knows about young disabled people’s rights and entitlements, and effective means to deliver them are agreed. In this way, we expect another 1,000 young disabled people to benefit. And we will soon begin a companion project in the same places, funded by the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission, to bring training in skills and entrepreneurship to 300 young disabled people, meaning that some 2,000 people will be better off when their family members are taken into account.

In all cases, AJODEMO strives to reach young women and young men equally, especially in livelihood opportunities as they well understand that young disabled women face the double disadvantages of their disabilities and their gender. Find out more about AJODEMO.

Main Photo: Cantol Pondja (far right), founder of AJODEMO with delegation and members in Quelimane, Zambezia province

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