From childhood to livelihood - first day at school through to the world of work

Launched in May 2013 this project completes our strategy with Berhan Lehetsanat in Hawassa, southern Ethiopia to equalize opportunity in education and livelihood opportunities for young disabled people by meeting their needs from their first day at school through to the world of work, and in the transition from one to the other. We are doing this through systemic change: embedding special needs in the curriculum of Hawassa College of Teacher Education (HCTE), the largest teacher training college in the region, by establishing a special needs department, which will affect about 2,800 trainee teachers; and ensuring that four vocational training centres in Hawassa become truly inclusive and provide opportunities for disabled young people to gain the vocational and enterprise skills they need to fend for themselves.
The team has laid the foundations of 'education, skills training and beyond' for disabled youngsters. Working with HCTE they have been finalising and testing an inclusive teacher training curriculum, so that all new student teachers will be trained in special needs education. Teachers in 80 primary schools in Hawassa will also receive in-service special needs training so that by the end of the project over 8,000 graduate teachers will be putting into practice special needs knowledge and training throughout schools in Ethiopia’s southern region.
Main photo: Teacher trainees at Hawassa College of Teacher Education  

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