PROJECTS - the DDP approach 

DDP projects are about helping disabled men, women and children and groups who are most vulnerable and marginalised in society. We develop projects jointly with our partners, mindful of their needs and aspirations. It is our partners who implement project activities at grass root and policy level to bring about the real changes in people’s lives and then together we monitor and assess the impact of our work.

Our projects are all about inclusion. Their themes are education, livelihoods, health and rehabilitation and human rights. At the same time we support our project partners to strengthen their organisations and widen their skills. 

Our partners are working on the issues that are most important and relevant to them, so whether they are at the heart of a small community or at the highest level of government, what matters most is that we help our partners to make a case for change, to influence attitudes and behaviour so that everyone’s rights are respected.   

Currently, DDP has project partnerships in Ethiopia, India, Burundi, Nepal and Mozambique. 

Ways of Giving