SHRUTI, a self help group of hard of hearing and deafened people, Nepal 

SHRUTI is a self help group of people who have hearing impairment, and are raising awareness of its impact on educational achievement, determined to achieve ‘an inclusive society without communication barriers where hard of hearing (HoH) and deafened people live a dignified life’.
SHRUTI’s activities include training health professionals in sign language to be able to communicate with deaf people, advocacy for deaf and hard of hearing people’s rights, and individual support for HoH and deafened young people who face discrimination in entering education or employment. 
DDP’s first project with SHRUTI is on early identification of HoH and deafened children. With support from Equitable Charitable Trust we have helped SHRUTI to conduct hearing assessments in primary schools.  We are also delighted to have introduced SHRUTI to the UK firm, Lush Cosmetics for a direct grant.  
Main photo: SHRUTI founder Neeta Keshary Bhattarai (fourth from left) and her team

Ways of Giving