Mozambican association of disabled youth - Associação dos Jovens Deficientes de Moçambique - AJODEMO 

AJODEMO, Mozambique’s national organisation of disabled young people, has more than 2,000 members throughout Mozambique’s 11 provinces, and an active branch in every province. AJODEMO is only too aware that disabled young people are often marginalised and denied the opportunities in education and employment that are so important to their life chances and to enable their proper inclusion in society. AJODEMO’s work until now has concentrated on disabled people really knowing and understanding their rights and entitlements, and AJODEMO’s ‘activistas’ (or volunteers) have undertaken to visit each of the country’s 128 districts to spread this knowledge.

As funds are tight, AJODEMO has to be resourceful and imaginative in this work. Every December 3rd, the International Day of Disabled People, they organise a march through Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, to raise the visibility of young disabled people and their rights. This year, they raised funds from the Millennium bank, Mozambique’s largest, to pay for the t-shirts and baseball caps which their members wore on the march.

AJODEMO are also very active in the Fórum das Associações Moçambicanas de Deficientes (the Mozambican Forum of Disabled People’s Organisations - FAMOD), dedicated to enabling disabled people to speak with a collective voice, and in 2014 AJODEMO’s President was elected to lead FAMOD. Read More ... 

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