Deaf Development and Information Association (DDIA), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Deaf Development and Information Association (DDIA) was established in 2008 and the majority of DDIA’s members are deaf but as an inclusive organisation there are also hearing members including deaf people’s family members, sign language interpreters, and teachers who are actively providing assistance for DDIA.

DDIA’s main objectives are to support deaf people's inclusion in development activities and to improve their access to vital information, training and livelihood opportunities. 

DDIA is working in partnership with government agencies, schools and other foundations. They have provided sign language training for health professionals and conducted awareness raising workshops on HIV and AIDS and reproductive health for young deaf people. DDIA facilitated computer training for young deaf adults in collaboration with the government Information, Communication and Technology Development Office and have initiated livelihood opportunities training for a young deaf women’s group in Adama. These trainees have already started a successful business to bake and sell injera (Ethiopian bread) and other home-made foodstuffs. DDIA is also nearing the completion of a sign language DVD dictionary project.

Main photo: Graduation ceremony for young deaf people who have completed IT and enterprise training

Ways of Giving