Association for the protection and promotion of human rights - Association Communautaire pour la Promotion et la Protection des Droits de l’Homme – ACPDH, Burundi  

ACPDH’s mission is to improve and protect universal human rights in all their settings, and to build a society that is based on the fundamental respect for human rights and social justice. Their prime role is in upholding the rights and liberty of people such as IDPs, refugees and returnees, children and women, and disabled people who are vulnerable to violations and social injustice.
Registered in 2003, ACPDH have an open-door policy, receiving anyone in need and addressing complaints be they land issues, homelessness, domestic violence, sexual abuse, unlawful arrest etc. by using their own in-house skills and networks. ACPDH works in communities where people are too poor to pay lawyers and through their 9 provincial focal points are providing a lifeline to people who have been denied justice. ACPDH has run training and sensitization programmes on gender based violence, child protection for police, teachers and local authorities. Until recently their human rights work was done with support from the UNDP Peace Project, with child protection work receiving support from the UNICEF country office.
DDP has partnered with ACPDH to support returnees and internally displaced people, many of whom have returned to their homeland destitute, to give them practical assistance and legal advice and to advocate for their rights and basic needs to be fulfilled.  
Everyone Supports Returnees 'Twunganire Abahungutse' in Mutimbuzi and Rumonge communes, Burundi

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